About the authors

Professor Susan Edwards
Susan Edwards is Emeritus Professor at the University of Reading, where she has taught speech and language therapy students for more than 25 years. She has many years of clinical experience as a speech and language therapist, working with a range of communication disorders including developmental language disorders, acquired speech and language disorders (aphasia and apraxia), and dysfluency. She has contributed to a number of radio programmes on these topics, and is an internationally respected academic and researcher whose work in speech–language pathology is motivated by both theory and wide clinical experience. Her most recent research focuses on acquired and developmental language disorders, and her extensive publications include three clinical tests for child and adult language disorders, as well as books and research articles in academic journals. Susan has an MSc in Human Communication (University of London), a PhD in Clinical Linguistics (University of Reading) and was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists in 2007.

Dr Carolyn Letts
Carolyn Letts is a qualified speech and language therapist and a senior lecturer at Newcastle University, where she teaches on pre-registration speech and language therapy courses and carries out research. After her first degree she undertook speech and language therapy training and returned to North Wales for her first job, where she developed a lifelong interest in working with bilingual children. Subsequently she was a lecturer at the University of Reading after a brief spell teaching on the University College London speech and language therapy course, and was one of the authors of the RDLS III. Her current research interests include child language acquisition and impairment, especially in bilingual or cross-linguistic contexts. She has been involved in running two ESRC-funded seminar series around the theme of bilingual children with language impairment, and in 2010 spent three months as a visiting researcher at the ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism at Bangor University. Carolyn holds a BA in French and Linguistics from Bangor University, and a PhD in Clinical Linguistics from the University of Reading.

Dr Indra Sinka
Indra Sinka is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Language Studies at The Open University, and spent 2007–2010 as Associate Dean. She is bilingual in English and Latvian. After her first degree and PGCE, she was in post for a number of years in schools as an English teacher and Head of English. Subsequently she completed her Master’s and doctoral degrees and became a lecturer and researcher in linguistics, English Language Teaching, deafness, bilingualism and clinical linguistics, as well as project manager and co-author of the RDLS III. In 2000–2004, she worked as an international consultant with the Latvian Education Ministry to help develop Latvia’s new national curriculum for schools. Her specialism lies in child language acquisition and bilingualism, and she has published and given conference papers in this field both in the UK and internationally. Indra holds a BA in German and Drama from Exeter University and an MA in Applied Linguistics and PhD in Psycholinguistics from the University of Reading.

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