The Manuals

The New Reynell Developmental Language Scales contains four spiral-bound manuals to help administer the assessment.

The Manual
The Manual for the New Reynell Developmental Language Scales provides an overview of the assessment, as well as guidelines for administering the NRDLS and case studies. The Manual includes:

  • An overview of the new features for the fourth edition
  • The theoretical background to each section of the assessment
  • A complete description of both the Comprehension and Production Scales
  • Details of the development of the new edition and the standardisation process
  • Directions for administering the test
  • Conversion tables for test results
  • Detailed case studies from the standardisation sample

The Multilingual Toolkit

In planning the NRDLS, the authors tried to be sensitive to today’s multicultural society. However, items may not be equally acceptable across a range of backgrounds, and testers need to be sensitive to this. For example, in some cultures it is unacceptable to act out, name or select pictures of verbs that involve physical contact, such as hug/kiss/dance. If the tester is aware of such issues they will have to modify the assessment accordingly, for example by omitting these items, and final scores will need to be treated with caution. The Multilingual Toolkit discusses these and related points, and provides suggestions about dealing with cultural issues as well as dealing with testing children for whom English is not one of their main languages.

The Multilingual Toolkit:

  • Revisits the theoretical background for each section of the assessment and discusses how this might apply in languages other than English
  • Illustrates with examples the sorts of adaptations that could be made to the section, depending on linguistic and cultural context.
  • Uses examples where appropriate to indicate what an individual child’s performance on an adapted section might mean for their assessment.
  • Refers the reader to any relevant literature on how the aspect of language explored by the section is acquired in other languages, or how it is affected in cases of language impairment.
  • Encourages the reader to consider particular questions appropriate to the section when considering the target language.

The Picture Books
Two picture books are included with the New Reynell Developmental Language Scales – one for using with the Comprehension Scale, and one with the Production Scale. The full colour illustrations in the picture books help to engage the child in the tasks, such as pointing to the correct image or describing the scene. The picture books are provided in an easel format, making it easy to display the images to the child.


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